About Us
The Delaware County Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Office was formed in the early 1990’s as a means to develop, and maintain the digital cadastral base map for the Auditor’s office. While funded primarily by the Delaware County Auditors Office, the GIS department manages and assists several other departments in maintaining their spatial data. Or goal is to be a county-wide service-driven resource, assisting in developing or providing spatial solutions, which enable our citizens and local government partners to accomplish their business purposes.
The Delaware County GIS employs flexible, industry driven data standards to facilitate and maximize data sharing and integration, enhanced mapping services and eliminate redundant mapping activities. We are always continuing to improve the quality and accuracy of the spatial data we maintain. The Auditor’s GIS collects and disseminates spatial data throughout the County and encourages all townships, cities, villages and school districts to contribute to the enhancement and utilization of the data to be added to the GIS.
What is GIS?
A Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system that inputs, edits, stores, maintains, manages, retrieves, analyzes and outputs geographically or spatially referenced information. In Delaware County, GIS supports applications such as property appraisal, emergency management, land planning, economic development, environmental analysis and much more. It is estimated that more than 80% of governmental functions are associated with managing information about specific locations or geographic areas that can then be utilized by GIS.  It is important to note that GIS provides accurate digital base maps, allowing different layers to be created, displayed and/or queried. This in turn, allows GIS users to lower their expenses by improving productivity. The majority of the benefits in Delaware County will stem from the use of the three base layers: parcels, streets and addresses. 


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